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Oregon Boat Registration and Title Transfer

Yes!  Portland Marine & Electronics is an agent for the Oregon State Marine Board.  We are trained in handling the transfer of title and registration or renewing your boat's registration.

We do registrations for the Oregon State Marine Board M - Th 10am to 4pm

We often seem to get the same questions, so we'll try and answer them here.


Q:  'What do I need to bring if I just bought the boat?'
A:  A title that has been signed by the seller and bill of sale if you have it.

Q:  'My registration is expired, but I'm boating tomorrow.  What do I do?'
A:  No problem, just come in and complete a registration and you're legally boating tomorrow with a temporary form.

Q:  'Do you guys assign me my boat numbers?'
A:  No, they are actually assigned by the state.

Q:  'I purchased my boat in Idaho...'
A:  We handle that as well.  Just bring in the signed title.

Q:  'Can you register my trailer?'
A:  Nope.  In Oregon you have to go through DMV for trailers.

Q: 'Can I renew on line?'
A:  Yes you can.  Go to this page to find out how.  You will need to establish a PIN number and follow the process.

Q: 'How much does it cost?'
A:  Our agent fees are typically either $4 or $8 depending on what we help you with.  Registration is $4.50 per foot + $5 for invasive species permit and title is about $50. Payment can be made by cash, check or debit, sorry we can't take credit cards.

Title fee form 
Registration fee structure

If you've lost your title, your grandpa left you the boat in his will, your tenant skipped out on you leaving a boat...or any other random situation, NO PROBLEM.  Go to the FORMS PAGE to download your document and come see us if needed.

Any questions, you can call us at 503-922-3259.  How to get here.

You can also reach the Oregon State Marine Board at 503-378-8587 or email them at