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Garmin TR1 Gold Autopilot - On Sale Now

Here is something a little different - and everybody wins.

Enjoy your new 2018 Garmin TR1 Autopilot Boat Show Special, NOW.

Every year we have a sale during show season. A lot of product gets sold, installations and deliveries get backed-up, vendors run short of supply, boat builders get delayed and then, out of blue, someone catches a Springer. Things get messy.

Avoid the rush. $3,450 for the complete pilot, installation, tune & calibration PLUS an on-water training session. All this by one of the nation's leading TR1 sales and installation facilities. Call 503-922-3259.

**Installation prior to 01/01/2018. +$100 for fiberglass boats. Garmin does not support all kicker applications in the market place.…


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